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Two Interesting Points
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Two Interesting "Betrayals" About Jay's Cap



1)  Jay's cap was considered a "luxury."  In deed it must have been because no other kid in had one, either  Yet all kids, all over, had bikes and rode their neighborhoods at night.
Hey... back then... weren't kids supposed to be seen...not heard?
2)  Both the Jay's "primo-store-bought" hat and the reflective strips were around over 50 years ago.  Yet, despite recent advances -- primarily through road-running and traffic public safety -- the practical adoption of reflectivity lacks miles behind the acceptance of those "essential luxuries" such as cell phones, ipods, stainless BBQs and more.
Hold on a minute... by law, kids must wear bike helmets and have bike reflectors,
but there's no requirement to illuminate them, or their helmets off the bike.   
What's up with this? 
Kids certainly have legal rights to be heard in today's society,
but there still are no legal requirements to make them seen.
Friends, this is just the tip of a very dark iceberg.
And as one has come to expect on any issues,
There's Good News And Bad News!
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